• With the launch of our Sustainability 2015 initiative, Kruger Products is embarking on a new path – one that is as exciting as it is challenging.

    Our move to a more systematic approach to reducing our environmental footprint builds on our past achievements. We are incorporating a drive towards sustainability into all of our products and into every aspect of our operations – all day, every day. From the way we manage our forests and involve our local communities, to how we use energy and invest our profits, Kruger Products is considering its impact on the environment.

    Our financial investment in reducing our ecological footprint is significant. Fortunately, many of our actions will result in long-term savings whether they are due to improved energy intensity, less waste production or a more effective supply chain.

    I invite you to read about Sustainability 2015 on the following pages. We outline where Kruger Products is currently positioned with regard

  • to its environmental performance, describe where we hope to be in five years and list the actions that will help us reach our ambitious targets. Each year, we will report on our progress in an open and transparent method, revise our plan of action, and invite you to comment on our efforts.

    Sustainability 2015 is not a standalone initiative. It marks an exciting shift in our philosophical approach. Sustainability 2015 will allow us do more to help protect our planet. Along the way, we also hope to uncover additional opportunities. Our goals are neither trivial nor inexpensive. Instead, they will challenge Kruger Products to be creative and committed.

    Today’s investment in sustainable business practices will help ensure that our children and yours inherit a healthy planet that will nurture their children too.

    Mario Gosselin
    Chief Operating Officer
    Kruger Products L.P.