Our Approach to Sustainability

  • Since Kruger Inc. was founded over a century ago in Montreal, we have responded to change by introducing innovative technologies, meeting evolving consumer demands, empowering our employees, leveraging economic cycles, protecting natural resources and, more recently, embracing a drive towards sustainability into our business. As a result, Kruger Inc. is one of Canada’s oldest and most successful natural resource firms.

    Today, replanting trees post-harvest is an industry standard in Canada. But over 60 years ago, when we launched our first reforestation program, the company helped set a new course for forest management. In the 1970s, as the modern environmental movement began and oil prices soared, we were already producing our first recycled bathroom tissue. When global leaders from around the globe attended the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and environmental protection ranked as the highest priority among Canadians, Kruger introduced technology to treat its wastewater. Twenty years later, when a former US presidential candidate's film was raising environmental awareness to unprecedented levels, our launch of the nation’s first line of premium paper products

  • made from 100% recycled fibre was already underway.

    Today, the trend continues. Kruger Products L.P. is Canada’s leading manufacturer of quality tissue products for household, industrial and commercial use. We have formalized our path forward by introducing Sustainability 2015. This voluntary initiative recognizes that we need to do even more to reduce our ecological footprint. “Sustainable development,” the term coined at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, demands a systematic approach to environmental protection, one that incorporates all aspects of our business. Sustainability 2015 embraces this approach, to help us meet your demands for products that are produced with respect for and with the environment.

    We believe that sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement – not a destination. As a result, Sustainability 2015 will challenge us to continuously change by improving our products, as well as the operations that manufacture and deliver them to you.

  • We are confident that this journey will be successful because it will align what is good for the environment with what is good for our business. A well-known American economist asserts that environmental regulations would lead to innovation and that the costs of complying with new rules would result in dramatic advances in productivity, efficiency and profitability. At Kruger Products, we see great opportunities as our customers and consumers increasingly demand products that are respectful of environmental concerns.

    In our efforts to be transparent, we will communicate our successes and challenges in pursuing a set of clearly articulated targets that will move us closer to our goal of sustainable business practices.

    This site outlines our approach and, together with Sustainability 2015, is our promise to you that we will continue to change as the times – and the environment – demand.