Our Targets

  • TARGET #1

    TARGET #1: Manufacture our products using only 100% third-party-certified fibre, ensuring that the fibre in our products comes from only sustainably harvested forests and/or recycled material containing a high percentage of post-consumer waste.

    TARGET #2

    TARGET #2: Achieved March 2011!
    Receive Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Certification ensuring accountability from forest to product to shelf.

    TARGET #3

    TARGET #3: Reduce our packaging by 5% without compromising product protection standards, while also increasing our use of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials.
  • TARGET #4

    TARGET #4: Add to our more than 90 third-party-certified products and continue to be the leading manufacturer of such innovative tissue paper products.

    TARGET #5

    TARGET #5: Reduce our overall energy consumption by 15% by streamlining our manufacturing processes and implementing an array of energy-reduction and efficiency initiatives.

    TARGET #6

    TARGET #6: Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by reducing our consumption of traditional energy and increasing our use of alternative and renewable energy.
  • TARGET #7

    TARGET #7: Reduce our emissions from transportation by 15% through improved logistics and shipping efficiencies, and increased use of lower carbon-emitting modes of transportation, such as rail.

    TARGET #8

    TARGET #8: Reduce our total water consumption by 15%, without compromising our wastewater treatment standards that are already substantially in excess of government requirements.

    TARGET #9

    TARGET #9: Reduce the amount of solid waste and manufacturing byproducts that we send to landfill by 20% through a systematic program of industrial-grade recycling, reuse and reduction initiatives.