Our first annual report card
will be available by May 1, 2011.


Reporting on Sustainability 2015 involves both internal and external communications. In both cases, our communications will be open and transparent. We encourage feedback, comments and suggestions.

MONTHLY: We measure and report internally monthly on key criteria, which are reviewed in Balanced Scorecard sessions by Kruger Products’ management team.

QUARTERLY: On a quarterly basis, we submit updates on our progress with Sustainability 2015 internally to senior leadership from Kruger Inc.

ANNUALLY: Once per year, we will prepare and publish internally and externally a comprehensive report card that outlines our success in moving toward our targets. It will describe where and how we have progressed, and where we have experienced challenges. Since Sustainability 2015 involves ambitious targets, we expect to continuously revise and add to our efforts to achieve our goals. In this way, we hope to build toward and even exceed our objectives by 2015.