Solid Waste Reduction

  • Reducing the amount of solid waste we generate, and recycling as much as we can so that it does not have to be sent to a landfill involves our entire workforce.

    We recognize that increasing our use of recycling systems and reducing our production of waste material involves a change in attitude. Often, it is easier to throw something out than to recycle it. Other times it is easier or to create waste rather than to change practices.

    Sustainability Target 2015
    Reduce the amount of solid waste and manufacturing byproducts that we send to landfill by 20% through a systematic program of industrial-grade recycling, reuse and reduction initiatives.

    To reach our goal of diverting 20% of our solid waste from landfill, we encourage our entire workforce to check their habits and use of resources.

  • As this remains one of our core ecological values, we also look for innovative ways of reducing solid-waste production in the first place, such as reducing our use of packaging material (Target #3). Our team continuously develops and reviews improved packing methods that use the least amount of material possible, while still protecting product shipments.