Green to the Core

  • Green to the Core is our comprehensive approach to the way we manufacture our AFH products – from the fibre we use to our packaging.

    Within Green to the Core, GreenQuality is our assurance that we will provide our commercial customers with high-quality, high-functioning premium paper products that are ecologically sound.

    Historically, choosing recycled paper products often meant sacrificing quality, which affected performance and resulted in increased paper consumption. Our product innovations mean that we now supply a high quality of softness and strength, while simultaneously meeting EcoLogo's stringent environmental standards in our green product lines.

    Green to the Core involves more than product quality. It consolidates our efforts to reduce water consumption, produce raw materials using renewable and alternative energy, use recycled and recyclable

  • packaging materials, and incorporate green practices down to the very core of our operations.

    Our AFH recycled-fibre products also exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines because they contain over 88% post-consumer waste.

    Green Seal

    Kruger Products has Green Seal approval for its large-capacity Hands-Fresh™ Luxury Foam Soap. Green Seal is a US-based program that provides scientifically based environmental certification standards that are credible, transparent, and essential in an increasingly educated and competitive marketplace. Products bearing the Green Seal symbol are environmentally friendly choices.