Our People

  • The dedicated men and women who work for Kruger Products are unquestionably our most important asset.

    We cultivate a healthy and productive working environment for everyone we employ, providing safe working conditions, offering valuable educational opportunities as well as professional training and advancement. We encourage open feedback, and regularly use surveys to measure our success and gather ideas to help us do things even better.

    Kruger Products employs some 2,300 people in the US and Canada.

    Our corporate office is in Mississauga, Ontario, and we have manufacturing facilities in New Westminster, BC; Gatineau, Crabtree and Sherbrooke, QC; and Memphis, TN.

  • We are particularly proud of our green-office initiatives at Kruger Products’ headquarters in Mississauga. As part of Sustainability 2015, we are demonstrating our environmental commitment by:

    • Increasing our use of recycled and recyclable office supplies,
    • Implementing paper recycling programs,
    • Using electronic versions to avoid printing our presentation materials,
    • Encouraging two-sided printing by resetting default printer settings,
    • Replacing bottled water with filtered water,
    • Replacing disposable coffee cups with ceramic mugs and glassware,
    • Recycling computers and other electronic devices,
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by favouring company cars that are hybrids or emit less than 5,500 kg of CO2 per year.

    As these actions become habits, we will add to them and further challenge ourselves to reduce our own ecological footprints.

    To learn more about our workforce programs and policies, click here.