Deforestation: How It Affects Climate Change


Home to numerous species in the world, biggest manufacturers of food, controls of climate change, absorbents of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as the generators of oxygen, the woods, are truly the key for life. Aside from serving as natural air conditioners and air purifiers, they supply us with new food to eat and pure water to drink also. They are the largest contributors in tumbling the global warming. From breakfast to going into the office and into the dinner, our all actions are dependent on them somehow or other. Fruits we consume, the paper we read, the furniture we use and the air we inhale, the majority of the items in our daily life are associated with the forests to a wonderful extent. They’re of an immense importance for us to live. As Martin Luther said, “For in the true nature of things if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made from silver and gold.”

It is in human nature which we do not appreciate a thing until we lose it. The rate of deforestation is increasing shockingly. By cutting trees, we’re destroying our lands and inviting the immense climate changes and extreme weather conditions like storms, floods, and tsunami etc.. We people are disturbing the nature; clearly, nature will take its revenge from us. Rather than managing and conserving forests responsibly, we’re cleaning them for our new streets, businesses, and infrastructures. The question is, by degradation of forests, who are affecting the most? Certainly, we folks are.

The majority of us understand that the global climate change and global warming has been the subject of conversation of today. This international climate change is mostly due to the harmful greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

Plants and trees are thought of as the absorbents of carbon dioxide. They also absorb other greenhouse gases and also act as armor from ultraviolet rays coming from sunlight. By deforestation, we’re increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air; conversely, we’re changing the climate. According to a study, annually over 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere by deforestation only. So, we must degrade this act to restrain the extreme climate changes.

Forests provide food and shelter to the animals and to the people living in extreme poverty. They’re a source of water, food, and livelihood for them. So deforestation means crushing the lives of these poor men and women. In the simplest way, deforestation is directly or indirectly affecting our own lives, the lives of people around us and the life-cycle of climate also.

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