Supporting Elderly Parents in Transitioning to Assisted Living

Moving a loved one who is aging to an assisted living facility is among the most challenging decisions you’ll need to make at some time. Even though you’d like to have them with you so that you can look after them, it is essential to consider what is best for your elderly family members.

You’ve got a household on your hands to look after, and their demands are constantly changing, and it’s challenging to balance the two. Transferring your elderly parents or grandparents into an assisted living home may be the best option to get their required help.

Preparations for Assisted Living

Moving your elderly family into assisted living can be difficult for those who have taken the decision. It’s going to be an uphill adjustment and process. If you’ve done your homework and put in the preparation, the transition will go smoothly for everyone. Here are some guidelines to help you start.

1. Set a timetable to move.

The senior member of your family has the right to be up-to-date on the process on the way to transfer. Therefore, informing them of the current situation will make them feel more appreciated. It’s a good idea to tell your loved ones when you’ve decided to transfer them to assisted living facilities. Inform them of the date you intend to move them so they can prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If both you and your parents are ready, you can click here and learn the benefits of assisted living and the facilities available in the nursing home.

2. Provide all the support they need.

The decision to move your loved ones who are elderly to San Diego assisted living homes isn’t a simple one. They’ll require every support they can get to accept what’s about to occur. Everyone in the family should know the possibility, especially those you do not get to meet or communicate with frequently. 

Family members can be of massive assistance in determining visiting options. You may be too busy to stay for one week or even a month. It’s pleasant to know you have a support system to assist you.

3. Visit the facility along with them.

If you are considering moving your senior family member to a skilled nuring facility in San Diego, it may be beneficial to visit the place. They’ll get to know many more people and be more comfortable with their surroundings. Once they’ve settled, it is possible to help them feel more comfortable by encouraging them to be more engaged. 

Some numerous activities and programs may keep your loved ones engaged, healthy, and active during their visits. Let them roam around as they chat with staff and residents.

4. Help them to fix their things.

Sorting through and organizing your elderly relatives’ belongings is essential before shifting them to an assisted-living facility. Sometimes, people find it difficult to part with items they cherish in their hearts. Keep an inventory of the other things they own, whether you store them in a space that is not being used or ask a friend to store the items. 

Secure vital documents. Take all their essentials in a well-organized manner. Bags for travel should include medicine or personal care products and any other things they might need at any time.

5. Keep your connection going.

Make sure that you remember that, even if the person you love has been admitted to assisted living, you must always take time to visit. You should make the most of every opportunity to see, especially on important occasions. Keep in touch with them so they know you’re thinking about them. If you’re coming, take your family members along as well. Plan to remain the entire day.